Zuyder Sea lighthouse tour

for amateur radio operators

We invite you to activate a lighthouse!

We invite amateur radio operators to activate one of the Zuyder Sea lighthouses and:

  • appreciate nautical heritage
  • enjoy operating mobile/portable
  • build preservation awareness
  • promote amateur radio

Use Scroll Lights for Iphone or click on the short List of Lights for desktop and Ipad!

The 22 major heritage lights (map)

NET-006 Den Oever

NET-179 Workum rear high 

NET-206 Zeughoek

NET-AAC Hindeloopen harbour-light¹

NET-207 Harbour-light Medemblik

NET-012 Stavoren high
NET-069/NET-070 Harbour light red/green

NET-003 De Ven

NET-014 Reus van Lemmer

NET-037 Havenlicht Enkhuizen

NET-AAB Kuinre harbour-lights¹ 

NET-059 Oosterleek

NET-173 Creil Rotterdamse hoek

NET-208 Harbour-light Hoorn

NET-189 Blokzijl pier head

NET-188 Volendam

NET-026 Urk

NET-017 Paard van Marken

NET-205 Old-Emmeloord rear high 

NET-010 Durgerdam Hoek van ‘t IJ

NET-158 Old-Kraggenburg rear high
NET-052 Old-Kraggenburg front low

NET-181 Elburg rear high
NET-AAA Elburg front low¹

NET-162 Harderwijk rear high

¹NET-AAA to NET-ZZZ are not registered by the ARLHS yet. Please feel free to do so!

Amateur radio operation

There are no restrictions in promoting amateur radio. Choose your day, your lighthouse, your favourite frequency and make contacts in whatever direct mode or via FM-repeaters. Show the passing public what we do! 

Local annual fishery or harbour events are perfect opportunities to present HAM radio to a lager public.

This website promotes amateur radio activation of Zuyder Sea lighthouses by presenting a list of lights. To find a lighthouse close to your position, we like to refer to the map of the Dutch Lighthouse Society.

Amateur radio activation of the lights happens as close as possible to the light, ideally a physical presence on or adjacent to the structure, preferably within 500 meter. The ARLHS handles primary the 1.000 meter rule. This is feasible for most of the activations, but if that would be illegal, ill-advised, impossible, or impractical, then the visual sight rule must be applied.

If you want your radio operation to be valid for the Dutch lighthouse award, please consult the activation guidelines.