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NET-189 Havenhoofd Blokzijl (Blokzijl pier head)

Town Marknesse
Location In fields east of Marknesse
Position Lat (dms) 52°42’44” N 
Position Long (dms) 5°55’45” E
QTH-locator JO22XR
Year built 2008 replica
Material Steel
Height construction (m)  Approx. 8 m
Height light (m) -
Range light (mi) -
Characterisic Deactivated 1940

Additional information:

The town had a pier head with a light stretching far into sea at least since 1850. The original 1908 steel structure was deactivated in 1940 and disassembled in 1942. It most probably was a front low light. A replica of the 1908 light was built in 2008. Today the location is landlocked. The fishing fleet of Blokzijl can be recognized by BLO as vessel registration.

NET-189 is registered by the ARLHS in 2006 as Blokzijl H. There is no further information available, except that it is classified as “historic”. There is physical evidence left on location, although in the form of a (very precise) replica. It raises the question why this particular replica carry the “H” and other replica’s don’t.

Last updated: August 2020

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