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NET-AAC Hindeloopen

Town Hindeloopen
Location Hindeloopen old harbour west side
Position Lat (dms) 52°56’42”N
Position Long (dms) 5°24’08” E
QTH-locator JO22QW
Year built ±1900*
Material Wood
Height construction (m)  Approx. 6 m
Height light (m) Approx. 8 m
Range light (mi) 8 nm
Characterisic Oc.W3s

Additional information:

Town has a light since unknown date, but at least since 1620. There is little information about the current structure. The structure has a unique shape, not to be seen elsewhere. It’s unlikely this is the same wooden structure from 1900. The harbour has red and green harbour-lights as well.  

In 2006 the complete harbour is restored and the pier head (including the light) was lowered. A modern light is fitted in front of the box. It is assumed the white light has a characteristic (Oc.W3s), but on some nautical maps the white light is fixed (F), more often the light is not shown at all. National monument since 1970 (nr. 22196). The fishing fleet of Hindeloopen can be recognized by HI as vessel registration.

Last updated: September 2021

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