Zuyder Sea lighthouse tour

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NET-AAL Muiden*

Town Muiden
Location Muiden harbour
Position Lat (dms) 52°20’31” N 
Position Long (dms) 5°04’06” E
QTH-locator JO22MI
Year built -
Material -
Height construction (m)  
Height light (m) -
Range light (mi) -
Characterisic -
*Note August 2020: Approach lights needs more research for an ARLH-application.

Additional information:

The town has a light on the western pier head at least since 1885. This light location has not been changed since then. At the end of the 1980s both pier heads are outfitted with lights, red and green. Nowadays a line of lights mark the approach: rear high at 13 m and a front low at 8 m. Light range 8 nm.
The former fishing fleet of Muiden can be recognized by MU as vessel registration.

Last updated: August 2020

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