Zuyder Sea lighthouse tour

for amateur radio operators

NET-AAV Den Oever southern harbour

Town Den Oever
Location De Oever locks south side
Position Lat (dms) 52°55’29” N
Position Long (dms) 5°03’04” E
QTH-locator JO22MW
Year built -
Material -
Height construction (m)  -
Height light (m) -
Range light (mi) -
Characterisic -

Additional information:

Please see also NET-006 Den Oever. The completion of the barrier dam (Afsluitdijk) in 1930 is a significant part of the recent Zuydersea history. The locks (Stevin-sluizen) at Den Oever assist the old western sea route (locally known as Marsdiep route).

The southern harbour is outfitted with three modern (long range) harbour-lights on the pier heads, red and green.

Last updated: August 2020